My rules of slavery
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My rules of slavery

See Master Dansan's  Rules of slavery... and find advice there for you. My Rules are based on my view of slavery (see my other opinions).

1. There are no rules at the begining. Forget all porn rules.
2. Everything around world is changing... therefore rules are created, but also changed or canceled; and it is a benefit for M/s relationship not a sign of failure.
3. Each M/s relationship is unique, therefore your rules has to be unique as well.
4. There are no "correct" or "incorrect" rules... there are only rules working well (or not) for M/s relationship. Noone can judge you.
5. Living BDSM should be source of a deep satisfaction far beyond an orgams. Rules should be helping signs on that route.

Advice to Masters
M1. You know what you like and what not, you know you are responsible for your slave... so create rules wisely, don't hesitate to change or cancel rules if they are not working. It is not a proof of your incompetence rather contrary.
M2. Having a slave is a process of establishing trust and it's up to you to show how far or deep you want to go. However, you always have to take your slave's current skills, limits, health, fears, hopes, opinions into consideration.
M3. Everything is changing... including you and your slave... welcome changes, don't be scared of them.
M4. Don't try to create endless list of rules... you would end up forgeting them, changing them, re-memorizing them.... it is a waste of time. Your list of rules should be very clear, simple and short.
M5. Everything is based on a trust and honesty... from a both sides. Keep it in mind. If a slave is dishonest (hidding truth, liying, cheating...)... no rules can make this M/s relationship working. If you will be dishonest... it damages your bond as well.
M6 Never create rules when you are horny or angry or emotinally disbalanced

Advice for slaves

S1. There is no from zero to Hero one moment shift into a perfect slavery... in other words... You can end up in TPE, CNC type of slavery, but it is also your choice.
S2. Use your brain when it has enough blood... never do a serious decision when you are horny.
S3. Slavery is about fulfilling your inner needs to be owned, not about endless suffering (read rule S2 again) or an endless pleasure (read rule S2 again).
S4 Be deeply honest... if you will lie, cheat or hide a truth you will never achieve a real bond with your Master... you will end up alone again.

My personal experience
I established some rules at the beginning... but soon I forgot precise sentencies (sure I wrote them down, but I feel no need to re-read them). Now I remember only general principles... and it works very well. Of course, My slave knows general principles. From time to time he has to tell me rules.

Now I create a rule only if I want to emphasize something which is important and my slave would naturally act differently. Example: Usually my needs go first... but in some cases I want be sure my slave's needs will be protected, therefore I create specific rule covering that.

Why I do not care so much about rules? Because I want enjoy days with my slave... and I see memorizing rules as a wastage of time. But sure... some "funishment/punishment" games testing slave's memory are funny.

Why rules are not so important? Because if there is a deep trust, a deep honestly and a strong need to be an Owner (or be owned)... your slave is here for you...and vice versa.

And finally, if my advice or rules are not working for you... ignore them.

Enjoy your BDSM life anway.


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