How to have a “fun” with me
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How to have a “fun” with me

It's easy to get lost in terms like sub, slave, boy... my sub. So let's make it clear and answer the question "How to have a fun with me". I mean real "fun" ... I am not into online play as well as I am not a chatbot.

Basically there are four main options, but some can be achieved through previous stages. Again, sorry boys - no online play...

1. A sub for lessons
Limits, rules and general content are negotiated in advance. I always respect our deal and sub's privacy. These lessons have never impact in real world (of course bruises are possible, but I do not interefere with your private life).   Still there can be some kind of bond but in a distant and discreete form. However, lessons are not free.

2. A sub for videos
The same as previous point but of course, we shoot videos, so there will be a publicity. Again, I never interfere with your private life. So I do not care if you are married, partnered, busy... when we set a date I expect that you will be my sub within a negotiated frame.

3. My personal sub
There has to be a match between me and my sub (usually former sub for videos). This match is at general level also outside the BDSM, but still having a partner is a not an issue for me. However, if you are available twice per year this is not an option for you.  My sub belongs me in the world of BDSM. Basically it is On/Off relationship in which a sub initiate an intensity.  My personal subs shoots videos with me, can stay overnight, can travel with me to visit BDSM events... they can be something from "occasional subs" to "guest slaves".

4. My slave
This is not about roleplay, its about lifestyle. My slave belongs to me whenever he is (although it does not mean necessarily 24/7 and in-house living). This is not an option for 99% of subs... simply because the mutual match has to be extensive. A slave is my pet, and I am Owner who cares about pets....but pets have to be useful and obedient. Being a slave is kind of unequal partneship... so only candidates who are single may apply. Becoming my slave is a process interconnected with building a trust. How far it will go.... we never know...yes, "we" because my slave is a co-creator of his slave life.
Currently, I own a slave for almost a year and half and it is an amazing journey. And honestly, there can be only one more.


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