What kind of slave I want?
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What kind of slave I want?

Speaking about a slave I mean real bond, not a play or just lessons...

The question was difficult at the beginning... what helped me was an analogy with dogs...

What kind of a dog I want?
- cute one or strong one
- playful one or not
- wild or calm one
- scared of me or challengeing my authority
- obedient any command as robot
- devoted or independent
- active or lazy
- independent or dependent on me
- obeying because of fear or because of love
- questions may go on...

I concluded that I like herding dogs... who are active, smart, hardworking, devoted, perfectly obedient general commands but able to execute will of owner by its own way. I want the dog, who rarely has to be punished because it craves to please. I like dogs who are strong but never fully happy until they have Master.

I  have no need to own cute but useles dog, I never wanted a dog who is scared of me and I was never amazed by dogs who will not move a head without a permission. I am definitely not interested in a dog which has to nursed and treated like a snow flake.

So this is my answer ... btw beeing a "hearding dog" type is not a contradiction to being a real maso and pain lover.

As different owners like different types of dogs... the same is true for Masters and slaves.  So boys, if you are not hearding dogs types... no worries, there are other Masters for you.

So what else matters? The right mindset, sympathy, BDSM as well as other world match. Well, and one more thing a slave who wants to be my property cannot have partner(s). Having a partner is ok for subs for lessons or videos or visiting slaves... but not for my property.  If you are hearding dog but you have a looong list of duties, obstacles, routinnes, hobbies... I will not accept you (sure some duties, important ones and hobbies are ok).


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