Do you have any chance to meet me?
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Do you have any chance to meet me?

Hi boys, slaves, fags, subs, dudes or just guys,

Do you want to know if you have a chance to meet me? Based on many, many, many, many, many conversations I developed the following checklist.

1. Do you think that I remember any tiny part of our conversation even if you have been silent for half of the year?

2. Do you think that you are very unique so you deserve my full attention anytime you want?

3. Are you very, very busy and do you expect that I am not?

4. Do you have mental issues, neurodivergent tendencies, or other issues causing that saying even "Hi" at the beginning of new conversation or bridging conversation after a few months is unbearable for you?

5. Are you keen to meet me but too lazy to read info on my web?

Any single "yes" to previous questions means "there is NO chance".

So, how to meet me?

  • be real and realistic
  • show some effort
  • be polite, honest and keep you promises

    And that's it... the rest is on my web... or you can simply ask

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