Slaves and the distance problem
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Slaves and the distance problem

Dear slave from a very distant country,

This “letter” is for those of you, who want to live the BDSM. Be a real slave, have a real Master, maybe you are thinking about TPE or/and similar arrangements.

Maybe you like my profile and pics, maybe you sense that I might be a good Master for you. In this letter, I would like to explain you why much better idea is to put an energy to a seeking of a local Master.... although I am still waiting for my slave (edit: waiting for the second one).

I wrote this, after many, many conversations, and a lot of them were very promising, but at the end… we never met or went beyond one lesson. Reasons can be different, but the main reason is the side-effect of the distance.

The bigger distance is between you and me, the bigger is your expectation, fear, and hope...and eventually a loss. As the result... your either never visit me or you will be easily disappointed because your expectation and hope are too high.

Let me explain you why.

1. The very first natural thing before any BDSM action (especially if you seek more than one night fuck) is to meet each other just for a chat... If you find a Master from a town close to you, you very simply can visit him for a chat and I guess that you usually do this. But are you ready to travel across continents or countries, and spend a lot of money, just for a chat with me...aren’t you?

2. Yes, we can spend hours in online chat and maybe also use a cameras... but still, nothing can replace a real meeting, and nothing replace a first BDSM interaction... is there a chemistry we want? I guess you are not ready to travel across continents or countries, and spend a lot of money, just for a one lesson...are you?
Another probem is, that after hours of chat and knowing fragments from my life... you can easily idealize me and adjust "me" to your dreams.

3. Lets imagine, that the first BDSM session was great for both...and then what? Will you travel to visit me each weekend or twice per year, and meanwhile we will be online chatting and dreaming? And eventually the initial entusiams will fade. Or are you ready to reallocate to foreign country, far from family and friends, without knowledge of a language, lost in cultural differences, in need to find a job,... Are you ready to take such high stakes, such to put such high risk into a hope that I am the right Master for you? What if after a few months we discover that there is no match. I guess you are a rational person... you see the risk... so you will not do that.

So what you will get at the end?

If I am not the right one.. you will loss your time, money and you will be disappointed. If I am the right one but I reject you or you will not reallocate... you loss your time, money and you will be hurt emotionally.
That's why I am telling you... find a local Master.

Still wanna see me? Good, then visit me for a chat in person... Sure, you may have questions before, but I am not going to spend days in endless chattiing... I want to live BDSM. Ask meaningful questions, as much as you want and don't be suprised that I will have less questions to you (I explain you why, when we meet in person 😉). From my point of view, there is no difference in my expectations between a sub from my town and a sub from another continent.

Anyway, I truly wish you a good luck … find what you want and need. Live that.


Master Dansan

Note about cultural differences - Czechs are sometime seen as a bit rude... and I am Czech... I hate endless conversation about how I am beeing, how was my/your day, about the wheather or nature beatuties or whatever...with people I don't know. In other words, I dislike empty sentencies where noone really cares about the answer. On the contrary, I am really pissed off when someone is not able to start a conversation with a simple short greeting like "Hi". 
Note about "no masters in your country" - If it is really trurth, e.g. your coutry is extremely homofobic, relligious or it is forbiden... then realocate yourself to a free country and then start a seek local Master. If you are from Europe or USA... don't be so dare to misuse this sentence. Kinky people of all tastes and preferences live everywhere, but in some countries they must hide and protect themselves because of risk of their life... and this is not the case in EU or USA.

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